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Emmy Award nominated, and BAFTA and Broadcast Award winning Taskmaster is the hugely entertaining irreverent show hosted by Greg Davies as the all-powerful “Taskmaster”, alongside Alex Horne as his loyal assistant, sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper competitive comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges.

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22:38Weirdest Tasks | Taskmaster
Weirdest Tasks | TaskmasterGanger 289 kDag siden
0:31The Horne Section | 2021 UK Tour
12:37Series 11 Outtakes Compilation | Taskmaster
0:57Taskmaster Series 12 Line Up Revealed
Taskmaster Series 12 Line Up RevealedGanger 471 k22 dager siden
12:34Write The Best Song | Full Task | Taskmaster
22:05The Best ARTmaster | Taskmaster
The Best ARTmaster | TaskmasterGanger 90 kMåned siden


  • There's a reason why Tim is still a task consultant on the show.

  • I love that their first task really shows how they just react to the show in general. I love it. Great cast!

  • If you Katherine doesn't deserve the win, you should see the mess she made in the comments section!

  • Crap, I saw there was no playlist and got worried, now I see I caught up to the upload schedule.

  • IDK how this season is going to end yet, but Rob is so much better at this than the other contestants!

  • At 9:00 The Taskmaster's right though. If you are going to list the date as day, month, year (small to big), then you should keep it consistent and do it with seconds, hours and minutes as well. Or flip the date to year-month-day.

  • Greg is a slight but noticeable racist. He repeatedly makes unjustified decisions when it comes to the BIPoC participants. It's just annoying and I'm very sorry for them.

  • I get that they need to make money, but 12 ads seems a bit over the top. Though I suppose that would be about the right number of commercials if run on a tv channel. Maybe I'm just spoiled now. It would be nice if the ads were put in a place that didn't interrupt the task though. And I know that they can choose where the ads are (Or could a few months ago. maybe it changed). That would be nice. Edit: 13 if you count the in-video ad for a wheelbarrow.

  • I feel I'm the only one who noticed that Greg guessed hand every time for the final challenge

  • So sad nobody try to paint the already painted taskmaster's picture behind them

  • Today I read a sign in Swedish, saying "Varning för tunn is". That made me think of how similar it is to English.

  • Girl: "It's so tricky, cause you make one hole another closes" Dude: "Yeaaaah" Other dude: "It's a metaphor for life" 14:47

  • the only good thing about this show was Rhod

  • man I love this show! does anyone know why all of the series appear to be available in the United States except for series 9? i've been wondering about it

  • Q

  • My first thought on viewing this is: Tim's gonna fill it with a bunch of things he's torn up. Tears, not tears. He will be well-aware that it means moisture from your eyes, but he's going to use the other use of the homonym.

  • Xanthan gum.

  • Would have got a few beautiful people help smash it up

  • I have to say Lou is just not crazy enough for me to have a stand out in this series.

  • 0:17 Should be scissors eh?

  • Jon was definitely the only one who really registered that you win by making him guess wrong as many times as possible, so it didn't really matter how many correct guesses he got so long as you kept him from finding the last few bits.

  • Hold on, the task didn't specify where the egg had to start. I would have placed the egg right next to the holes and gotten one stroke each!

  • I’m currently living in Sweden, with no prior Swedish language study… this whole segment is basically my day when working with non English-speaking Swedes (there are a couple around)

  • As an american, this is one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. All of my top favorites are British; maybe i was born in the wrong country🤣 My dad showed me Mr. Bean, Monty python's flying circus and Red Dwarf as a kid and it's been the greatest gift in my life. You brits know comedy like no other

  • they stopped editing the language at this episode? anywhere where it is still edited?

  • i miss some of Rhods prices though. I feel like various of them were amazing

  • He got infinite distance

  • It all seems so innocent after Wozniak's casserole.

  • I think it would be amazing if Alex devised an episode or series of the Worst of the Worst, the last place contestant from all series make up the 5 players for a chance to try again against people as shit as they were. Could get 2 entire series from 1-10 and another go at seeing people get another crack at the gold! Could have even a runners up series with everyone to place 2nd!

  • Ahhhhh always nice to see Fred the Sweed. Loved the moustache

  • can't watch this. so much waste ofwater!

  • Man, by episode 5 I can say they are just an average cast, not bad but not that good either.

  • Pleaseee i cant get it out of my head that Tim Vine reminds me of a character from a Nick Park movies. chicken run? Mr Tweedy i think? Agh the whole season is its just in my head. Something abt his character and way of talking. And his safari suit too

  • Lets be honest, without johnny the entertainment value would drop in this serie!!!😂

  • Nish has such an infectious laugh. Gets me everytime.

  • Imagine these people looking down in the toilet while peeing.... They all act like urine is the most disgusting thing in the world

  • 35:19 "I would like to fly with cheese" is not the translation, it's "I would like meat and cheese".

  • This show is the antithesis to shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent, and American Idol. Those shows try so hard (too hard) to tug at your heartstrings. This show doesn't. And because Taskmaster isn't trying too hard, moments like Nish and Mark's song are genuinely, lastingly, heartwarming.

  • I like how James just ignores Alex for whole series

  • Buy a dozen pineapples, tape them all over your body. That way he won't be able to tell which is the first pineapple.

  • They could not have picked better music for when Mel is trying to eat her sandwich. This challenge was so brilliant.

  • Everyone checking their number of contacts?

  • ATTENTION: If you're watching this epsode right after you've finished the 5th Series, you've missed out on the Champion of Champions special. The 5 past champions battling it out!

  • Wait, do the brits really not known Roygbiv?

  • He's not a winner but Rhods appearance along with other fan favorites would be hilarious. I just know it.

  • 17:37 idk why but Alex nodding his head and saying "it's gone" is so funny to me

  • Celebratory Banana is forever in my vocabulary now

  • 29:21 is a group project nightmare.

  • These titles..

  • I guess after rhod, little nell was like a mind (palate) cleanser. And the toddler behaved way better than Sterling.

  • The only risks of eating an eraser are choking on it, or blocking your intestines if the swallowed pieces are too big causing abdominal pain. They are not going to make you sick and they are not poisonous.

  • The first task: I would look for coffee beans

  • 4:12 _[Charlotte goes air swimming and misses the spot by inches. Alex doubles over laughing!]_

  • I remember watching that egg drip out of that pole and thinking why did no one even mention that, perfect opportunity, must have been too explicit to get on TV.

  • "I'm gonna hold your hand is that alright?" "I'd love that." FUCKING MOOOOOOOD.

  • thumbnail looking kinda suspicious

  • I'm not gonna lie; I'm honestly a bit dissapointed that Al's clock (with a stove attached to it) isn't on the stage at the end! Oh, and a huge compliment for Paul Chowdhry! He managed to DOUBLE his score with the final task, not many contestants can say that!

  • I kind of wanted to watch this, but the laugh tracks was way to distracting. It feels like im being forced to laugh lol

  • Richard missed a trick there. An egg in hot tea is a surprising pleasure - and it would still have been in the bag for him.

  • I had to drive home without my cheetos.

  • Well, when you are dealing with somebody who doesn't speak the language, having the same body language is pretty helpful huh? I think in India a lot of the body language is different.

  • Wow I had the exact same thought about using the mango peel 😐

  • 40:09 The prime example of the phrase “intelligence is sexy”

  • 0:37 hey! I watched that comedian multiple times but never got his name! Joe Rishardson?

  • Paul winning was such a wholesome moment, it made me smile.

  • Right before a commercial break at 34:04 Alex is switched out with someone else.

  • i dont know why but "here i am - im a violin" made me laugh

  • Don't like that sexist feminazi woman. Very unsympathic and always tries to push her feminazi agenda.

  • I thought for sure they’d have to wear the costumes in a group task to screw themselves.

  • I legit wouldve taken off my coat, wrapped it around my leg, and claimed "my leg is not touching the ground" as I walked

  • I like Katy but her portrait didn't deserve first place. At least Rose's and Ed's look like a person. Katy's portrait was not even close to theirs in terms of the overall picture resembling a person/portrait. Also if Hugh Dennis had done what Jo had done he would have definitely come last😂

  • Honestly LOVE James Acaster !

  • Four....Four Four Four

  • Rhod Gilbert, the man who broke Horne's ironclad straight face

  • there were four tasks in the series that focused on drawing...noel won each one and thus why he won the season. hugh/joe are better task performers

  • I want Alex and Greg to kiss, idk why


  • Take the ice block and chuck it at the judge, boom it disappeared.